Renewable Connections is a development business.  We focus primarily on the development of solar and storage projects in the United Kingdom.

Through Renewable Connections’ relationships with Armstrong and European Energy, we are able to provide a full service package at all stages of a renewable energy project’s life:







The UK’s energy system is changing rapidly. Only 10 years ago the country relied on a small number of very large generation plants, powered by nuclear, coal and gas plants.

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Renewable Connections, an Armstrong Capital company, is developing large-scale solar and battery plants across the UK, in order to support the nation’s shift to cleaner, sustainable energy; helping to protect the UK’s environment for future generations.

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Whilst renewable energy is now cost competitive with conventional sources of energy, today it is not yet able to compete in terms of reliability: put simply, solar panels only produce power when the sun is shining, wind turbines only produce power when the wind is blowing.

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